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4.000m x 82 Alpine Summits

Climb and collect as many 4.000m peaks until you conquer all of the 82!

Discover the alpine diversity of each region, and work through different rock formations and ascent styles.
The 82 summits are spread across the dense topography of Switzerland, Italy and France and vary in difficulty and exposure.
Each summit has its own character, some of which you can either ski or climb. 

We can use this list as a compass to built up your alpine experience.

Where would you like to begin?

  1. Mont Blanc, 4.808m, Mont Blanc Massif, France - Italy
  2. Mont Blanc de Courmayeur, 4.748m, Mont Blanc Massif, France - Italy
  3. Dufourspitze, 4.634m, Monte Rosa Massif, Switzerland
  4. Nordend, 4.609m, Monte Rosa Massif, Italy - Switzerland
  5. Zumsteinspitze, 4.563m, Monte Rosa Massif, Italy - Switzerland
  6. Signalkuppe, 4.554m, Monte Rosa Massif, Italy - Switzerland
  7. Dom, 4.545m, Mischabel Group,Switzerland
  8. Lyskamm - Eastern Summit, 4.527m, Wallis Alps, Italy - Switzerland
  9. Weisshorn, 4.505m, Wallis Alps, Switzerland
  10. Täschhorn, 4.491m, Mischabel Group, Switzerland
  11. Lyskamm - Western Summit, 4.479m, Wallis Alps, Italy - Switzerland
  12. Matterhorn, 4.478m, Wallis Alps, Italy - Switzerland
  13. Picco Luigi Amedeo, 4.469m, Mont Blanc Massif, Italy
  14. Mont Maudit, 4.465m, Mont Blanc Massif, France - Italy
  15. Parrotspitze, 4.432m, Monte Rosa Massif, Italy - Switzerland
  16. Dent Blanche, 4.357m, Wallis Alps, Switzerland
  17. Ludwigshöhe, 4.341m, Monte Rosa Massif, Italy - Switzerland
  18. Nadelhorn, 4.327m, Mischabel Group, Switzerland
  19. Schwarzhorn - Corno Nero, 4.322m, Monte Rosa Massif, Italy
  20. Combin de Grafeneire, 4.314m, Grand Combin, Switzerland
  21. Dôme du Goûter, 4.304m, Mont Blanc Massif, France
  22. Lenzspitze, 4.294m, Mischabel Group, Switzerland
  23. Finsteraarhorn, 4.274m, Bernese Alps, Switzerland
  24. Mont Blanc du Tacul, 4.248m, Mont Blanc Massif, France
  25. Grand Pilier d’Angle, 4.243m, Mont Blanc Massif, Italy
  26. Stecknadelhorn, 4.241m, Mischabel Group, Switzerland
  27. Castor, 4.223m, Wallis Alps, Italy - Switzerland
  28. Zinalrothorn, 4.221m, Wallis Alps, Switzerland
  29. Hohberghorn, 4.219m, Mischabel Group, Switzerland
  30. Vincent Pyramid, 4.215m, Monte Rosa Massif, Italy
  31. Grandes Jorasses - Pointe Walker, 4.208m, Mont Blanc Massif, France - Italy
  32. Alphubel, 4.206m, Mischabel Group, Switzerland
  33. Rimpfischhorn, 4.199m, Mischabel Group, Switzerland
  34. Aletschhorn, 4.193m, Bernese Alps, Switzerland
  35. Strahlhorn, 4.190m, Mischabel Group, Switzerland
  36. Combin de Valsoray, 4.183m, Grand Combin, Switzerland
  37. Grandes Jorasses - Pointe Whymper, 4.184m, Mont Blanc Massif, France - Italy
  38. Dent d’Hérens, 4.171m, Wallis Alps, Italy - Switzerland
  39. Breithorn - Western Summit, 4.164m, Wallis Alps, Italy - Switzerland
  40. Breithorn - Central Summit, 4.159m, Wallis Alps, Italy - Switzerland
  41. Jungfrau, 4.158m, Bernese Alps, Switzerland
  42. Bishorn, 4.153m, Wallis Alps, Switzerland
  43. Breithorn - Western Twin Peak, 4.139m, Wallis Alps, Italy - Switzerland
  44. Combin de la Tsessette, 4.134m, Grand Combin, Switzerland
  45. Aiguille Verte, 4.122m, Mont Blanc Massif, France
  46. Aiguilles du Diable - L’Isolée, 4.114m, Mont Blanc Massif, France
  47. Aiguille Blanche de Peuterey, 4.112m, Mont Blanc Massif, Italy
  48. Grandes Jorasses - Pointe Croz, 4.110m, Mont Blanc Massif, France - Italy
  49. Aiguilles du Diable - Pointe Carmen, 4.109m, Mont Blanc Massif, France
  50. Mönch, 4.107m, Bernese Alps, Switzerland
  51. Breithorn - Eastern Twin Peak, 4.106m, Wallis Alps, Italy - Switzerland
  52. Grande Rocheuse, 4.102m, Mont Blanc Massif, France
  53. Barre des Écrins, 4.102m, Pelvoux, France
  54. Aiguilles du Diable - Pointe Médiane, 4.097m, Mont Blanc Massif, France
  55. Pollux, 4.092m, Wallis Alps, Italy - Switzerland
  56. Schreckhorn, 4.078m, Bernese Alps, Switzerland
  57. Breithorn - Roccia Nera, 4.075m, Wallis Alps, Italy - Switzerland
  58. Aiguilles du Diable - Pointe Chaubert, 4.074m, Mont Blanc Massif, France
  59. Mont Brouillard, 4.069m, Mont Blanc Massif, France
  60. Grandes Jorasses - Pointe Marguerite, 4.065m, Mont Blanc Massif, France - Italy
  61. Aiguilles du Diable - Corne du Diable, 4.064m, Mont Blanc Massif, France
  62. Ober Gabelhorn, 4.063m, Wallis Alps, Switzerland
  63. Gran Paradiso, 4.061m, Graian Alps, Italy
  64. Aiguille de Bionnassay, 4.052m, Mont Blanc Massif, France - Italy
  65. Piz Bernina, 4.049m, Bernina Group, Switzerland
  66. Gross Fiescherhorn, 4.049m, Bernese Alps, Switzerland
  67. Vincent Pyramid - Punta Giordani/Giordanispetz, 4.046m, Monte Rosa Massif, Italy
  68. Grandes Jorasses - Pointe Elena, 4.045m, Mont Blanc Massif, France - Italy
  69. Grünhorn, 4.044m, Bernese Alps, Switzerland
  70. Lauteraarhorn, 4.042m, Bernese Alps, Switzerland
  71. Aiguille du Jardin, 4.035m, Mont Blanc Massif, France
  72. Dürrenhorn, 4.035m, Mischabel Group, Switzerland
  73. Allalinhorn, 4.027m, Wallis Alps, Switzerland
  74. Hinter Fiescherhorn, 4.025m, Bernese Alps, Switzerland
  75. Weissmies, 4.017m, Wallis Alps, Switzerland
  76. Dôme de Rochefort, 4.015m, Mont Blanc Massif, France - Italy
  77. Barre des Écrins - Dôme de Neige, 4.015m, Pelvoux, France
  78. Dent du Géant, 4.013m, Mont Blanc Massif, France - Italy
  79. Punta Baretti, 4.013m, Mont Blanc Massif, Italy
  80. Lagginhorn, 4.010m, Wallis Alps, Switzerland
  81. Aiguille de Rochefort, 4.001m, Mont Blanc Massif, France - Italy
  82. Les Droites, 4.000m, Mont Blanc Massif, France

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