Via delle Bocchette

On the group of Brenta in the Dolomites lies one of the most famous multi-day Via Ferrata routes, the Via delle Bocchette.

Brenta is part of one of the most well preserved areas, the national park of Brenta and Adamello with diverse nature and plenty of wildlife.


On route, we climb in the alpine environment above the tree line going from hut to hut and crossing the highest passages of the Brenta summits. We traverse under peaks that pierce the sky higher than 3000m like Cima Tosa, Crozon di Brenta, CimadAmbiez, Cima Brenta, however the lower in altitude Campanille basso will actually blow your mind with its impressive promontory formation.

We cross the nearly existing left-overs of the glaciers / vedrette and climb on the via Ferratas while enjoying airy panoramic views.

Uniquely, this via ferrata route was not developed as an aid to the war between Italians and Austrians, but it existed long before as it naturally follows ledges and corridors. Its primary use was quick access to and return from the climbing routes to the valley or mountain huts.

As we tread on the heels of Bruno Detassis - a local climber and progressive spirit, we become familiar with the magnificent dolomitic rock quality, moving in an altitude of near 3000 meters, all served in impeccable italian style.


The route is possible from late spring to fall, with the most beautiful months being July and September. The strong character of the route follows steep slopes and bridge gaps that will let you securely feel the deep mountain void underneath your feet.

Are you interested in this historical Dolomitic Route?

Via Ferrata in Dolomites Brenta
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