Trekking in Zagori
In the heart of the greek wilderness
Away from the busy beach resorts, there lies a region with pristine hiking trails, hearty food and clear mountain water where one can still enjoy the silence. Is this heaven? No, it is Zagori.

Our journey to the north-west part of Greece includes highlights like walking part of the impressive 20km long Vikos gorge and relaxing by the clear waters of Voidomatis river. The heart of Pindus mountain range is Mikro Papigko, a picturesque traditional village with oak-filled views where no cars are allowed. We will hike up to the mountain of Tymfi 2.497 m. and it’s striking “Dragon” Lake, the rocky mountain of Astraka 2.432 m. and stay overnight at its hut on 1.950 m.

The cultural boom of Zagori, as is customary today, is parallel to that of the wider region of Epirus. The period during the 18th and 19th century, which coincides with the governance by Ali Pasha of Ioannina, finds Zagori socially structured, economically organized and culturally developed.
The ancient network of stone-paved paths and bridges, through the harmoniously blended villages of Zagori, is a great way to experience the local architecture. Stone and wood, the primary building materials are not only locally sourced but serve also as manifestations of beautiful alpine Greece. The evident craftmanship in Monodendri and Kipi go hand in hand with the organic zagorian life: the big plane tree in the center of the village, the hot traditional pita with cheese, the folk polyphonic songs.

Northern Greece offers a broad range of outdoor destinations, which allows us to combine some days in Zagori with the conglomerate towers of Meteora and the infamous greek summit Olympus 2.918 m.

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